Hitachi Rail S.p.A.
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Hitachi Rail S.p.A.

The result of the evolution of AnsaldoBreda (an Italian brand with more than 160 years' experience in overground and underground railways), this is a firm that specialises in the construction of advanced rolling stock. Thanks to this merger, today Hitachi Rail S.p.A. is able to autonomously design and construct a complete product. Our engineers' decades-long collaboration with Hitachi Rail S.p.A. goes beyond mere consultancy and the provision of design services. It has effectively led to a trusting relationship which allows us here at S.I.DE.P. to be an integral part of the technical team, turning our collaboration into an ongoing operational relationship. At the same time, it has allowed our engineers to become specialists who are in great demand and often essential in their various fields of expertise.

Here are some of the clients and partners with whom we’ve worked and whose trust we’ve gained.
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