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Sniap S.r.l.

SNIAP srl is a firm based in Collesalvetti (Livorno) which has operated since the 70s in the railway, underground and urban transport sector, providing design and industrial services and integrated systems series, made using thermosetting materials (polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins) reinforced with fibreglass, carbon and kevlar, in addition to sandwich structures with self-extinguishing expanded and honeycomb materials. The firm was involved in the introduction and development of applications for these materials in the railway sector, along with AnsaldoBreda Costruzioni Ferroviarie, Fiat Ferroviaria and later Alstom, Firema Trasporti and Bombardier. The synergy between SNIAP and SIDEP has enabled our engineers to improve their knowledge of design using resins and resin-coated components and to enhance the production process.

Here are some of the clients and partners with whom we’ve worked and whose trust we’ve gained.
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