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innovative, sustainable projects

Our projects are the result of the methodical use of advanced tools and software and close attention to everything we do.

From feasibility studies and mechanical planning for the railway and tramway, naval and industrial sectors to structural analysis, design and rendering, the production of manuals and documentation and close attention to the various phases of production in the factory. Our strengths lie in comprehensive planning and project management at every stage. Reverse engineering is a process of implementation and optimisation which begins with the existing factory structure.

Completing projects on time is often a challenge, and this is where our project management expertise comes in. In every type of project and every phase, there needs to be time management, ongoing monitoring of progress and project reviews, and problem-solving, both to consider critical issues and to resolve individual problems. Our meticulous methodology stems from regular checks and our presence on the site or in the factory.

Innovation means using cutting-edge technologies which are constantly updated, but it also means using computerised procedures which can streamline working processes and automate operations. We use 2D, 3D and FEM software such as AutoCad, Dassault Catia, Creo and Altair Hyperworks, and cloud-based systems for the management of operational processes.

Who says engineering is not creative? Today designing a high-speed train or a car means creating a product that's ergonomic, dynamic, functional and attractive. Interiors, external fairings, harmonic structure, comfortable seating and the design as a whole offer the opportunity to create true gems of technology and innovation.

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Planning | Feasibility studies and checks | Structural analysis | Gauging Analysis | Consultancy | Technical writing | Reverse engineering

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