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People first and foremost

An enthusiastic, loyal and skilled team is the touchstone and starting point for every project.

Our firm was founded in 2010 with the experience of a group of professionals who had already worked for years in railway, naval and oil & gas engineering. Over the years the group has continually grown in terms of staff and turnover, showing itself to have a solid structure with the expertise and ability to resolve any issue, whether technical or logistical. Each of us has skills which are different, but complementary. This allows us to undertake highly complex projects and follow them through every phase, from planning to factory, and always in close collaboration with the client.

Our firm is the result of our founders' planning and operational experience with major firms, primarily in the railway sector. The close, trusting relationships we have established with our clients over time mean that today we can count on a team that's extremely well-prepared for the various sectors and international fields in which we operate.

The greatest resource our firm has is its people. Our team is young, well-qualified and trained to handle every project responsibly and independently, while never forgetting reciprocal support and assistance. To achieve optimum results, our staff are provided with state-of-the-art hardware and software tools for technical design.

Our headquarters are in Livorno, a beautiful and lively city with strong links to the nautical, logistics and transport sectors. A city which in recent years has seen the growth and development of major naval engineering and research projects associated with 4.0 industry and marine robotics.

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Via G. March 14/B 57121 Livorno

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Technical Director: Valerio Lucarelli
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Sales Director: Ing. Daniele Copedè
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